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    Viking Cricket Autograph Cricket bat.

    Why not take one of these along to your next test match or county game and get the all the autographs from your favorite players.

    Shipping is Stickers, Bat grips & Autograph bats

    Available in Odin Blue and Valkyrie Purple



    Anti scuff facing sheet to help to protect you cricket bat. plain no edging.



    Viking Bat covers are made from the same 1680 denier material found on our deluxe duffle bags.

    Sometimes overlooked which is amazing, seeing as bats aren’t cheap, why not protect your Viking cricket bat with one of these high quality bat covers.

    This premium quality padded bat cover features Velcro fastening for secure carriage and an adjustable material carry strap.

    The cover is made from 1680 denier material with the Viking logo on.

    Available in Viking, Hel-fyr, Valkyrie and new for 2021 Mjolnir



    If you would like your bat Knocking In.

    • We will give your bat the equivalent of 3 hours worth of ‘hand knocking-in’
    • Re-press the bat if required
    • Clean and lightly sand the face if needed

    Please Note this is just the start of the knocking in process every bat is different and should be protected and maintained. i.e. check the bat for deep seam marks and knock that area of the bat in a little more until the marks stop appearing.

    The edges of your bat when new are the most important to look after, you will need to roll the edges when you receive you new bat even after the knocking in process.



    Set of our stickers from previous seasons

    These stickers come in Matt and Gloss with 3d embossing, each set comes with a protection sheet covering the stickers..

    We only have a few remaining from previous seasons each year

    now available in limited numbers – Odin, Thor, Jorvik, Valkyrie, Valhalla, DG9 and Hel-fyr.



    If you looking for a gift then why not buy a Viking cricket gift voucher.

    Brilliant for Birthdays or Christmas or maybe thinking of giving someone.

    They can be exchanged against Viking cricket goods online or in our shop.

    You can choose from £25, £50 or £100, we will send you the voucher through the post so you have something to give the person your treating. Each voucher has a unique code that needs to be entered at checkout or bring into our shop and we will take care of it for you.



    Viking Cricket Bat Grips

    They have the word Viking towards the top of the grip and are scale type grips.

    They come in the following options.


    White and blue or all blue

    White and red or all red

    White and orange or all orange

    White and purple or all purple



    Viking Bat Wax is basically linseed oil in a solid state which both seals and nourishes the wood in an easy and controlled application. This is the product we use in our own production in final polishing.

    The wax has been formulated for us: after years of seeing bats either insufficiently oiled, or drenched brown by an overzealous pouring, we know your cricket bat should get the same treatment as fine furniture. Bat wax acts like an oil by nourishing the willow, like a protective wax by sealing the grain and like a polish as it buffs up after application to make the blade shiny rather than oily.

    Directions for use are simple: apply regular light coats as you would linseed oil. However, the wax will dry quickly so can be buffed for use straight away, or can be left for a couple of hours to let the wax soak into the wood before buffing to a shine.

    Available in a stylish (and recyclable) aluminium tin size 30ml